Month: January, 2017



I got to go to Vancouver and Whistler for the first time this past summer and I honestly fell in love with what I got to experience of the city. The best of mountain life, city life, and surfing all in close proximity in one beautiful province.


This picture was taken near Tacofino which was the best expensive taco I’ve had in a long time.

Top: Forever21

Handbag and Shoes: Aldo






About the impulsive shopping I previously mentioned, these pants have only been worn once, can’t say if I’ll wear them again anytime soon….they’re just so hard to keep clean.

Not too long after this I started my 5 month travels down south. I sold everything in my apartment and got rid of 5 sacks of clothing I didn’t use- which is huge for me. That being said, the impulse shopping is no more ¬†and I no longer have an emotional attatchement to material things- except for these pants, I kept the pants.

Crop: Forever21

Purse: Thrifted but the fluff is from Aldo

Pants: American Apparel

Ruffles and Velour


TFW I get to show off my fallalery.

This is another throwback- to August of last year. I’ve only worn these earrings once- with this outfit…any more and I’d stretch my earlobes. What can I say I’m an impulse shopper. Happy costume jewellery is making a come back.


I can’t say I look this feminine these days but that’s ok.¬†Currently trying to find a top to layer this with as its below zero here in Onterrible.

Earrings/Shoes: Aldo

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Garage



Here’s a little throwback from fall 2015.

I’m still not smiling in pictures so not much has changed.

Another name for my hometown is the Forest City, and it’s the most beautiful in the fall of course. There’s an old court house downtown covered in maple leafs so my best friend and I had to go and take advantage of the backdrop. Its no wonder locals use it as a wedding venue.


I’m not too sure if I’d wear this exact outfit again. I’m not too into the matchy-matchy trend anymore. However, the poncho is super versatile and I’ve worn the skirt several times.

Necklace/ Hat: Aldo

Pocho: The Bay

Skirt: Forever21